Extract text from audio and video online

Transcribe Podcasts

Extract text from your podcasts in real time to share quotes, create subtitles, or even automatically generate text versions of episodes.

Quick Subtitle Creation for Video

Upload your video and our neural network will quickly create subtitles. Many languages and formats are supported.

Monetization of Audio Content

Convert audio recordings to text articles. Privacy guaranteed with data deletion after 1 hour. Free version and responsive design.

Lectures in a Convenient Format

Download the audio lectures and get the text version using the responsive interface.

Removal after 1 hour

Download the recording of your seminar and get the text version. Your data will be deleted after 1 hour.

Turn Audio into SEO Articles

Make your content available to search engines. Fast, free and privacy sensitive

Service usage scenarios

  • Upload the audio file of your latest podcast to quickly get the text version and publish it as a blog post or share it on social media.
  • Upload videos to automatically create subtitles that can be used on platforms like YouTube to improve accessibility.
  • Extract key points from presentations or webinars for use in press releases or marketing materials.
  • Students and teachers can convert lecture notes to text format for easy viewing and learning.
  • Quickly transcribe interviews for writing articles or creating media content.
  • Convert customer conversations to text to analyze feedback and improve the quality of service.
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1 6 months ago good job
2 5 months ago Easy to use and ticks my boxes
3 4 months ago If possible to have the option to remove the digits and change them with A and B
4 1 month ago thank you very much its very good app.